Netlify Report Reveals Jamstack Is Becoming The Go-To Architecture For New Developers


Jamstack is rapidly becoming the mainstream architecture for web developers of every experience level, according to Netlify’s Jamstack Community Survey 2021. With shifting working patterns and the increase in remote work, the web developer community is turning to Jamstack to create faster, more secure websites.

Netlify’s Jamstack community report shows the modern architecture is becoming the primary home for not only experienced web developers (half of respondents represented more than five years of experience), but also those with less experience and who are just breaking into the industry. The percentage of developers in the community who are students has nearly doubled in the past year, from 9% to 16%, indicating Jamstack is becoming the go-to architecture for new developers, even as the number of experienced developers in the community has continued to grow.

When looking at how the pandemic affected working life, perhaps unsurprisingly, the report highlighted a shift to remote work that was high among Jamstack developers, with nearly a third (31%) of people saying their working life is now fully remote due to the global pandemic and plan to stay remote even after it ends.

Where developers are located has diversified, with newer developers significantly more geographically diverse. While a majority of developers are still based in Europe or North America, the percentage coming from outside those two regions has tripled from 15% to 48% amongst newer developers. This new population of developers brings global diversity.

Jamstack continues to serve the needs of developers building for scale, with nearly a third (32%) of Jamstack developers reporting the sites they build are for audiences of millions of users. These larger sites are also more likely to target mobile devices, showing the strength of Jamstack in the mobile space.

When asked how frequently different techniques were used to build backends for Jamstack sites, 46% reported using some form of serverless functions. When compared to usage and awareness, respondents revealed functions are becoming almost as ubiquitous as containers.

Jamstack is about compiling the UI, decoupling the frontend from the backend, and pulling in data as needed. Today Jamstack developers are enabling more dynamic use cases with the architecture, with 65% reporting they are building fully dynamic sites.

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