Netlify’s Next.js Runtime Delivers Improved Experience For Developers


Netlify has announced its new Next.js Runtime, delivering an improved experience for developers using the popular web framework to build websites and web apps faster and at scale. Netlify offers the only runtime environment to support Next.js Advanced Middleware, giving developers control to rewrite and transform HTML content at the edge — without additional client-side JavaScript or complex server-rendering strategies.

Previously, building dynamic personalization with Next.js was either cumbersome and time-consuming for the developer or lagging for the end-user because the implementation required either server-side rendering (SSR) or heavy client-side JavaScript. Netlify’s new Next.js Advanced Middleware, available with the Next.js Runtime, extends the capabilities of Next.js.

Together, the new Next.js Runtime and Next.js Advanced Middleware enhance the developer experience for Next.js on Netlify, which includes the following capabilities: supports HTML rewrites and page data transforms right from the edge, making it much easier to deliver custom user experiences such as personalization, localization, authentication, and more while achieving optimal performance; zero configuration for Next.js; and enhanced UX.

Also, new Next.js features are typically natively enabled, tested and supported on the Netlify platform the day they launch from the Next.js open source team.

Customers additionally get access to Netlify’s platform features such as deploy previews with on-page feedback and quality assurance, synchronized to Git and issue tracking systems.

Next.js Runtime by Netlify is now available to developers on all plans, for all versions of Next.js. Next.js Advanced Middleware is available for all Next.js developers running Next.js 12.2.x or higher.

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