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New Ambassador Developer Control Plane Features Foster Better Team Collaboration


Ambassador Labs has announced the new release of Ambassador Developer Control Plane (DCP), which includes core features and functionality to streamline the app development lifecycle process for teams across large organizations while supporting existing technologies and role responsibilities.

As the GitOps workflow continues to be transformative to accelerating velocity, Ambassador DCP augments existing workflows with the new capabilities to cost-effectively context switch between coding, shipping, and running workstreams. Teams can also take advantage of enhanced automation to gain a unified view for easy management of all services across the development environment.

API documentation is now included in the core Service Details page, allowing developer teams to get a unified, real-time view of their services across environments, whether on prem or in the cloud, with new Telepresence support for Windows.

Also, the DCP now automatically analyzes configuration changes to Emissary-ingress, posting the results of this analysis as a comment in your GitHub repository.

In addition to new capabilities available within Ambassador DCP, the company also unveiled its first-ever class of Ambassador Community Advocates. With 15 members in the inaugural class, these cloud native experts are available to share expert knowledge, contribute to Ambassador open source projects, and help individuals at any stage of their cloud native development journey.

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