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New Cortex Resource Catalog Helps SREs Enhance Cross-Functional Collaboration


Cortex has announced that its System of Record for Engineering, which has given engineers and SREs comprehensive microservices visibility and control, now provides a Resource Catalog that extends to the entire cloud environment, including S3 buckets, databases, caches, load balancers and data pipelines.

The new Cortex Resource Catalog enables customers to define their own resources in addition to those predefined by the platform. For example, customers wanting to represent a certain path within an S3 bucket as a first-class resource owned by a certain team, or who want to represent kafka topics as resources along with relationships to their consumer/producer microservices, can now do so using Cortex.

Cortex said that its fast-growing customer base has found great flexibility in the platform, enabling them to develop a multitude of creative new use cases. The ability to systematically add items that are not microservices to a catalog, track them by owner and apply scorecards to their performance has been the company’s most-requested capability in the last 12 months.

Cortex co-founder and CEO Anish Dhar added that these new capabilities provide significantly deeper visibility into what cloud resources are being used, by whom, and to what effect, than any single platform has had before.

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