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New Open Mainframe Working Group To Promote Access To z/OS Resources


The Open Mainframe Project community recently formed a new working group called The Open z/OS Enablement Work Group, with a goal to promote access to z/OS resources for anyone that wants to do the development in that space. What’s the long-term goal of the group, what kind of resources it provides to the community and how does it fit into the larger open-source picture of the Open Mainframe Project? To get answers to some of these questions, I sat down with Kip Twitchell, Global Subject Matter Expert at IBM & Open Mainframe Project GenevaERS TSC Chair. I hope you will enjoy the discussion.

Here are some of the topics we covered in this show:

  • What challenges did the community see in the space that led to the creation of this new working group?
  • What’s the specific goal of the group?
  • When Kip says ‘resources’, what kind of resources are we talking about?
  • What’s the long-term goal of this group?
  • How does it fit into the open source story of the Open Mainframe Project?
  • What kind of community is around the working group?

Guest: Kip Twitchell (LinkedIn, Twitter)
Company: Open Mainframe Project (Twitter)
Show: Let’s Talk

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