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New Open-Source Project jsPolicy Makes Kubernetes Policies Easier To Manage And Maintain


Loft Labs has announced the availability of its latest open source project, jsPolicy. As a policy engine based on JavaScript, jsPolicy makes policies in Kubernetes clusters easier to manage and maintain, while also making them understandable and transparent.

“Policies are key to securing Kubernetes operations, especially in multi-tenant clusters,” said Fabian Kramm, CTO of Loft Labs. “Until now, policy engines have used lesser known languages such as Rego, making it hard to use for writing policies at first and even harder to understand and maintain these policies a few months later. jsPolicy allows organizations to express their policies in JavaScript, one of the most popular programming languages with over 12 million developers using it worldwide.”

Not only does this make it easier to write policies but also improves the maintainability of policies long-term. Additionally, the JavaScript execution in jsPolicy is based on Google’s high-performance V8 engine which is used in almost every modern browser and optimized for low memory use and fast execution. This makes jsPolicy not just easier to understand but also much faster than any other policy framework.

Also, using JavaScript as a policy language has the huge advantage of the vibrant JavaScript ecosystem, which allows engineers to make use of thousands of popular libraries and frameworks allowing engineers to establish a very efficient development and testing workflow for their Kubernetes policies.

Loft Labs also recently released vcluster, a virtual cluster technology for Kubernetes. jsPolicy is now available at and on Github.

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