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New Structured Data Service From Alluxio


It’s time for data engineers, architects and developers to spend less resources storing data and more time delivering data to analytical compute engines. Alluxio has made available Structured Data Service (SDS) featuring a data Catalog Service and Transformation Service. These are two new major architectural components of its Data Orchestration Platform.

With Alluxio Structured Data Service, Alluxio can expose the data to be effectively accessed by the SQL engines, independent of how and where the data is stored.

A new Presto connector for Alluxio is now available. This allows easy integration and configuration of Alluxio with Presto. Further, the new Alluxio Catalog Service manages the metadata of structured data in the system. It is responsible for all the database, table, and schema information, as well as the location of all the stored data. There is no longer a need to change any table locations in the Hive metastore, or to restart or reconfigure any Hive services.

The Alluxio Catalog Service enables schema-aware optimizations for any type of structured data. Also, the new Alluxio Transformation Service transforms data into a compute-optimized representation of the data, which is independent from the storage-optimized format. This enables physical data independence.

Users can now download Alluxio 2.2 Community and Enterprise Edition with Structured Data Service.

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