Neurotechnology has released a new version of its SentiSight.ai image labeling and recognition platform. The new release includes some additional features and an improved interface for free platform users.

It also includes features such as object detection model training, offline models, project sharing and labeling time-tracking, which will be available for paid users.

For the uninitiated, SentiSight.ai is a web-based platform that can be used for image labeling and for developing AI-based image recognition applications.

The SentiSight.ai platform was first released as a free-to-use tool on November 19, 2018. Since then, a number of new features like improved image annotation tool have been added to the free version.

The original version of SentiSight.ai only allowed adding classification labels, bounding boxes and polygons. Now users can also label points, polylines and bitmaps.

Bitmap labeling speed can also be increased by using the smart labeling tool, which allows users to select a few points in the foreground and the background and let the AI extract the labeled object. The labeled images can be directly used for model training on the SentiSight.ai platform, or they can be downloaded and used for in-house model training.

In addition to the above features that are available for all customers, the new version of SentiSight.ai has several features that will be available for paid customers.

For instance, SentiSight.ai previously offered only classification model training. These types of models can be used to identify what is inside the image as a whole. Now SentiSight.ai also offers object detection model training. This type of model can not only identify objects in an image but also predict their exact location.

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