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Nextcloud Hub 19 Adds Document Collaboration To Video Chats


Nextcloud has launched a major new release of Nextcloud Hub tuned for remote collaboration of teams already employed in thousands of large and small enterprises across the globe. Dubbed “home office”, the release brings document collaboration to video chats, massively simplifies authentication and improves performance.

The 19th release of Nextcloud Hub features: Optional automatic logout, Password reuse limitations, Automatic account locking in response to failed login attempts and Password expiration features.

With this release, Nextcloud introduces password-less, secure login, where users can simply plug in a hardware key and get to work. Together with many other new security measures, being productive at home becomes a standard solution in organizations that have deployed Nextcloud Hub, the company said.

“COVID has accelerated a trend already visible in many businesses, forcing them to provide a secure remote collaboration solution to their employees. We named our release home office as it provides a large productivity boost for organizations employing many home office workers, like we do ourselves,” quipped Frank Karlitschek, CEO of Nextcloud.

Password-less authentication relies on WebAuthn, a new W3C global standard for secure authentication on the Web supported by all leading browsers and platforms including Windows Hello and many hardware keys.

Nextcloud Hub is said to feature many little, helpful elements to keep data organized. Users can tag and comment on files and to let their colleagues know what they can find where, users can add context to folders, adding a description or even a todo list on top.

Collabora Online will be shipped out of the box with Nextcloud Hub in version 19, the company added.

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