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Now Artificial Intelligence Will Assist Lawyers


Canadian law firm Fasken has launched an artificial intelligence platform called Meese AI. Designed for lawyers, the platform offers machine learning and natural language programming to assist lawyers in creating a wide array of client deliverables. It is said to mark a significant advance in office efficiency and work-product quality.

The AI platform also includes a proofreading tool that identifies drafting issues and a smart knowledge management tool that searches precedent clauses and allows for lawyers to curate their own precedent databases.

“We are incubating and using AI to enhance the work of our lawyers: to increase quality and reduce costs for the benefit of our clients,” said Mark Bowman, founder of Meese AI and Counsel at Fasken. “We’ve built a platform to integrate with all aspects of legal work, to thrive within the demanding requirements of a top-tier law firm and to augment the already great work that our lawyers produce.”

Meese AI – the name serves both Fasken’s new Toronto-based company and its signature artificial intelligence platform – was created by Mark Bowman. He is the Counsel in Fasken’s Corporate / Commercial and Privacy and Cybersecurity practices.

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