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Now, LinkedIn AI Will Automatically Generate Photo Text Descriptions For You


LinkedIn has launched an AI tool that adds suggested alternative text descriptions for images uploaded to LinkedIn automatically.

According to a recently published blog post, the new tool uses existing solutions through Microsoft Cognitive Services while also breaking ground to customize the company’s models for LinkedIn’s unique dataset.

It adds: “Although computer vision science has made great strides in recent years, automatic text descriptions are still a difficult task—compounded by the fact that images on LinkedIn tend to fall into a professional or work-oriented category, rather than being more general or generic.”

Microsoft Cognitive Services is said to help with many computer vision capabilities, including Analyze API, in order to generate alternative text image descriptions.

At present, LinkedIn members can add alternative text description when uploading images via web interface but only manually. So not all members are taking advantage of this feature. With the new AI-powered tool, LinkedIn aims to improve site accessibility.

That said, LinkedIn would love to hear from its users as to how it can make the professional networking site even better.

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