Now You Can Create 3D Environments With Your iPhone


It is now going to be easier for you to capture and share 3D spaces with friends and family. Matterport has launched Matterport for iPhone to help you create, edit, and share high fidelity 3D digital twins of any physical space.

With the Matterport Capture app, iPhone owners now have a fast and easy way to capture a 3D environment; personalize it with embedded notes, links, labels or videos; and share it with a simple click.

Once downloaded, you can explore using the Matterport Capture app in a number of ways:

  • Real estate agents can scan a property almost as easily as taking photos with their iPhone, to create and publish an accurate 3D digital twin of a property listing
  • Homeowners can share a digital twin of their kitchen to get a quote for a remodel or scan damage to send to their insurance company for a more accurate estimate for repair.
  • iPhone users can freely share their digital twins with friends and colleagues, along with prospective tenants, owners, and more.
  • Interior designers can capture a space and take it with them to make sure furnishings fit.
  • Contractors can efficiently document stages of progression during the construction or renovation process.
  • Property owners can create an immersive virtual tour of their spaces to improve their booking rate on rental sites.
  • Businesses can easily capture a 3D digital twin of their office to help with recruiting, hiring, wayfinding, space planning and building company culture.
  • And anyone can capture and share places that are important to them — whether it’s a special room in their home, a favorite spot they frequent, or an incredible space they experienced on vacation.

Matterport for iPhone is powered by Cortex, the company’s AI platform and patented deep learning neural network. It analyzes 3D spatial data captured from Matterport’s Pro2 camera and a variety of third-party devices including Lidar cameras, 360 cameras, and now smartphones.