Nubeva Awarded Patent For Cloud-Based Security Services


Nubeva Technologies has received a U.S. Patent (Patent No. 10,530,815 B2) for Seamless Service Updates for Cloud-Based Security Services. This is the third U.S. Patent awarded to Nubeva since the company began developing new solutions to more easily see into network traffic.

The patent acknowledges Nubeva’s innovation in techniques for “providing flexible and extensible enterprise security systems and enabling scalable cloud-based security services”, the company said.

“We are perfecting the ability to learn and extract final encryption secrets from client and server memory in real-time — reliably, securely, at scale — with no changes to software on the systems,” said Randy Chou, CEO at Nubeva.

“This capability opens blind spots and improves the way enterprises and security system providers decrypt their traffic in order to scan and inspect for viruses, malware, ransomware and more advanced threats. We are pleased to receive this important patent as it further confirms our vision and innovation,” Chou added.

Both Chou and Nubeva CTO Greig Bannister are named inventors of the patent, which was initially filed in December 2017.

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