NuMind Raises $3 Million, Launches Out Of Private Beta


NuMind, a Y Combinator Summer 2022 alum and the maker of a software tool to create custom NLP models, has launched out of private beta and announced its $3 million in seed funding. Using large language models (LLMs) and its proprietary “Interactive AI Development” learning paradigm, the NuMind solution allows all companies–even those with no expertise–to quickly create machine learning models to perform such tasks as analyzing sentiment, detecting topics, moderating content, and creating chatbots.

The $3 million seed investment was led by Flybridge. Additional funding was provided by Brazil-based big_bets, Carya Ventures, the Pioneer Fund, Velocity Ventures, France-based Sharpstone Capital as well as Y Combinator. NuMind’s initial customers are developing custom models for medical coding, legal report review, user feedback analysis, and matching resumes with job postings for a recruitment firm.

The NLP models designed by NuMind’s first customers were developed dramatically faster than by using traditional methods–up to a factor of 10. At the end of the project, companies own their models.

NuMind’s Interactive AI Development paradigm is similar to how people are taught–with an interactive process of questions, answers and explanations–but doing this between a person and the machine. This type of learning is more natural and efficient, eliminates labeling large volumes of data, and allows much faster creation of personalized models.

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