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Observability And Actionability Go Hand In Hand | Navya Dwarakanath


In this episode of TFiR Let’s Talk, we invited Navya Dwarakanath, Solutions Engineer at Catchpoint, to talk about the importance of observability and SLOs as more and more companies are rushing towards digital transformation and embracing cloud-native technologies. We started off our discussion with learning a bit more about Catchpoint, a digital experience monitoring platform which is helping companies with end-user monitoring, using both active & proactive as well as reactive monitoring methodologies.

We then talked about the factors that are contributing to the increase in the growing popularity of observability. We also talked about the ‘holistic’ approach to observability so that users can take actions based on the metrics observability tools provide them with.

We also took a deep dive into the cultural or people and social side of observability which is as important as the tech aspect. We then moved to the core of the topic – SLO – as this interview was recorded as part of our coverage of SLOConf. What’s the difference between SLO and SLA and why organizations should care about SLOs? We also asked her for recommendations or suggestions that organizations should follow as they implement SLOs. She also warned against some of the mistakes that organizations make with SLOs.

Guest: Navya Dwarakanath (Twitter, LinkedIn)
Featured company: Catchpoint
Show: Let’s Talk
Topics: Observability, Cloud Native, Kubernetes

Listen to the podcast:

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