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observIQ Open Sources BindPlane, Its Observability Pipeline


observIQ focuses on observability telemetry, building agents, integrations, and more to gather, process, send, and transmit the data through an observability pipeline. BindPlane is their first open source product which aims to help manage the open source agents, in particular, the OpenTelemetry Collector, to make it easy to configure, update, and manage a full fleet of observability telemetry. One of the key challenges in large environments is managing those agents across hundreds or thousands of hosts. In order to manage the massive amount of telemetry data, you need a solution layer on top like BindPlane.

The company has partnered with Google for a number of years to expand the visibility you get from the Google operations platform, not just the Google Cloud components and services but also for third-party applications.

In this episode of TFiR Let’s Talk, Swapnil Bhartiya sits down with Mike Kelly, CEO of observIQ, to discuss  the company’s focus in the telemetry space and their open source product BindPlane. He also takes a deep dive into their partnership with Google Cloud and the challenges people are having with managing the flow of data.

Key highlights of this video interview are:

  • observIQ is focused on observability telemetry, building the agents, integrations and everything else in order to gather, process, send, and transmit the data through an observability pipeline. Kelly explains the trends they are seeing in the space as it moves to open source and standardization of telemetry.
  • Kelly discusses one of their key partnerships, Google, and how they are supporting their customers in the field and accelerating the expansion of the Google operations platform. He goes on to tell us about BindPlane, their first open source product, and how it is making it easy to configure, update, and manage your full fleet of observability telemetry.
  • observIQ has been working with Google for many years expanding the visibility that you get from Google operations platform. One of the key challenges customers experience when migrating from one place to another is having centralized visibility. Kelly takes a deep dive into how their partnership helps expand that visibility and how it benefits the community too.
  • Kelly explains how BindPlane gathers and processes the data. He describes the challenges of managing agents across hundreds or thousands of hosts and why you need a solution layered on top of that. He goes into detail about the different versions, sharing details about some use cases where BindPlane is needed and how it helps.
  • Since the quantity of data has grown, so have the challenges of managing it along with the cost of storing and processing it. Kelly believes that this evolution has driven the need for an observability pipeline layer to inject some processing capability before it gets to the final destination. He explains how observability pipelines are helping to tackle these problems while reducing costs and improving visibility.
  • The primary goal of observability solutions from a performance management perspective is managing and understanding your uptime. Kelly believes it is a critical piece of the business delivery. He continues explaining where people can go wrong with observability, such as not being able to quickly identify if there is a failure and resolve it.
  • BindPlane went into beta phase in June and has so far received positive feedback. Kelly goes into detail about the roadmap to expanding it into a full-blown observability pipeline solution. He explains that they expect it to be generally available in August and discusses what else to expect from their offerings.

Connect with Mike Kelly (LinkedIn)

Learn more about observIQ (Twitter)

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.

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