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Open Source and AI to help humans fight climate change


Tech Mahindra has partnered with the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) to launch AI4Action, the first global Artificial Intelligence (AI) competition aimed at delivering solutions for climate change.

Tech Mahindra will supply an open source AI platform, Acumos, co-developed with AT&T and hosted by the Linux Foundation, that will allow AI4Action participants to build, share and deploy their AI-driven models for tackling climate change.

Acumos will provide a collaborative marketplace for accessing, using and enhancing AI models and software. Developers and businesses will be able to use the platform to string together individual applications to create complex and sophisticated AI services.

“This challenge mobilizes some of the brightest minds, utilizing the most advanced technology, to imagine – and pursue – solutions to the climate crisis that do not even exist today,” said Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.

The competition will challenge students from schools and colleges, universities and corporates in four major cities – San Francisco, New York, London and New Delhi – to come up with creative, AI-powered applications over the next year that will help to tackle climate issues impacting the environment.

Tech Mahindra and GCAS will select ten finalists that can demonstrate tangible solutions for climate action. The overall winner must present an actionable idea that can be transformed into a real-world solution in time for the United Nations Climate Summit in 2019.

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