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Open Source Initiative Appoints Stefano Maffulli As Its First Executive Director


The Open Source Initiative (OSI) has announced Stefano Maffulli as its first Executive Director. After an expansive search led by OSI’s purpose-built staffing committee, the Board of Directors appointed Maffulli, an experienced international leader in enterprise and open source environments.

The appointment is a key step for the transformation of OSI into a professionally managed organization, a process that the Board of Directors started in 2020.

OSI said it is grateful to Deb Nicholson, interim general manager, for her outstanding work in this transitional year.

Maffulli joins OSI after decades of open source advocacy, both as a contributor and leader. He co-founded and led the Italian chapter of Free Software Foundation Europe from 2001 to 2007, structured the developer community of the OpenStack Foundation and subsequently led open source marketing teams in several international companies. An enthusiastic open source user, he’s contributed documentation patches, translations and advocated for projects as diverse as GNU, QGIS, OpenStreetmap and WordPress.

“We can now deprecate the role of President transitioning to Chair of the Board with confidence about OSI’s future,” said Joshua Simmons, Board Chair of OSI.

Members of the wider open source community also welcomed Maffulli to the OSI.

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