Oregon Data Center Now Also Offers OVHcloud Public Cloud


OVHcloud has announced the expansion of its OVHcloud Public Cloud services in the US as it began offering the services from its West Coast data center in Hillsboro, Oregon.

OVHcloud’s Public Cloud delivers a full range of compute, storage, network and orchestration tools. It is claimed to be one of the largest Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions based on OpenStack.

OVHcloud provides public cloud services in the US from two regions, US-EAST-VA-1 and US-WEST-OR-1. It helps businesses with incoming and outgoing traffic to any compute instances already included in the price.

OVHcloud also offers the ability to service businesses of all sizes from balanced CPU/RAM instances (for web or business applications) to high compute performances (perfect for large databases and big data).

The services also includes access to OVHcloud’s 20 Tbps worldwide network and free anti-DDoS.

OVHcloud’s Public Cloud services are billed at an hourly pay-as-you-go rate or can be paid up-front at a discounted monthly rate.

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