Outlook Mobile app is now ready for US government use: Microsoft


Four years ago, members of the European Parliament were forced to uninstall Microsoft’s Outlook Mobile app following privacy concerns. The app was even branded as a “security nightmare” owing to the amount of private data it automatically shared with Microsoft’s servers. We won’t delve into more details here as Microsoft has a different story to tell now!

Outlook Mobile app for iOS and Android is all set for deployment by all US government customers, after meeting the high level of security and compliance requirements.

Microsoft said it updated the Outlook mobile architecture to use a native Microsoft sync technology. “This change intends to reduce latency and will provide access to new enterprise-grade features such as S/MIME as they roll out on the updated architecture over the coming months,” said an official statement.

The company said it would be extending Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) capabilities for Outlook for iOS and Android to GCC High and DoD customers.

This would enable them to combine the power of Outlook mobile with Azure Active Directory Conditional Access and Intune App Protection Policies to securely manage email and calendar data on their mobile devices, the company added.

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