OutSystems Launches ‘Project Neo’ Cloud-Native Application Platform


OutSystems has announced a next-generation application platform that enables development teams to build cloud applications. The new platform, codenamed Project Neo, delivers the next level of application scale and developer productivity that organizations need to compete in a cloud-first world.

The new OutSystems platform is like adding hundreds of elite software performers to a development team and giving them the tools that are traditionally out of reach for all but the technology elite. By democratizing development, customers can build platforms that combine containers and Kubernetes with state-of-the-art cloud technologies – such as serverless, database autoscaling, event and messaging-based orchestration.

OutSystems enables teams to move their legacy applications to the cloud, build new and more strategic applications, or embark on digital transformation initiatives that impact every corner of their organization, from their internal processes to mobile apps.

Project Neo does this by freeing developers to focus on the code that delivers innovation and competitive advantage, Project Neo automates DevOps processes, manages an advanced cloud runtime, auto-documents code, resolves code dependencies, performs regression testing, enforces architecture standards, continuously adds new platform features, and keeps the entire system updated by the minute.

It also enables developers to make critical changes to applications within hours rather than days or weeks, including multiple critical changes each day without increasing technical debt.

Project Neo is now available for public preview ahead of its official launch in 2022. Project Neo will stand alongside the company’s platform, OutSystems 11, considered by analysts and developers as a top choice for enterprise-grade low-code development.

The company will continue to invest in the current platform as it co-exists with Project Neo, giving customers options for cloud-native, multi-cloud or on-premises solutions that work best for them. Developers can trial OutSystems 11 free and preview Project Neo.

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