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Overcoming The Challenges Of Observability


In this episode of Let’s Talk, we invited Steve Litras, Director of Technical Marketing at Cribl, to learn more about the company and Observability in Cloud Computing.

A quick summary of the topics we covered in this episode of Let’s Talk. Intro to the company: What is Cribl all about? What’s the role and importance of Observability in cloud native computing. When it comes to observability and monitoring, we are collecting way too much data. The value is not in all raw data, the real value lies in what we learn from data. How does Cribl help users extract value from that data? Is there a playbook or some best practices about what kind of data we should collect? There is quite a lot of overlap between Observability and Security tooling and Open Source projects. Is there some consolidation going on or to be expected? We then talked about the solutions Cribl is offering for Observability. We explored the open source angle at Cribl and then we talked about App Scope, Cribl’s  new approach to black-box instrumentation to deliver ubiquitous, unified telemetry from any Linux executable by simply prepending scope to the command.

[su_note note_color=”#000″ text_color=”#fff”]Steve Litras is the Director of Technical Marketing at Cribl, makers of LogStream which allows enterprises to process log data before they pay to analyze it, getting the right data, where they want, in the formats they need.[/su_note]
Cribl is a company built to solve customer data challenges and enable customer choice. Its solutions deliver innovative and customizable controls to route security and machine data where it has the most value.

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