Oxeye Announces Application Security Platform At KubeCon


Oxeye’s cloud-native application security platform aims to integrate with CI/CD and cloud-native environments, enabling to add context to each vulnerability that it finds allowing development and application security (AppSec) teams to discover the application, understand its structure as well as the vulnerabilities, and prioritize them based on the context.

“We are looking to take the application security testing landscape, finding vulnerabilities in the code, finding vulnerabilities in third-party packages, finding hard-coded secrets, and validating that applications arrive at production when they’re overly secured. We’re taking this landscape and actually rebuilding it towards the cloud-native era,” says Dean Agron, CEO & Co-Founder at Oxeye, on the latest episode of TFiR Newsroom.

Key highlights of this video interview are:

  • Although developers are taking more ownership over security, the shift towards cloud native creates challenges for existing solutions not designed for distributed architectures. Agron discusses the three key challenges developers face nowadays with cloud-native applications.
  • Agron discusses how the approaches used in Oxeye’s cloud-native application security testing differ from traditional application security methods.
  • Misconceptions around cloud adoption and its security continue to prevail. Agron explains how the big cloud players provide you with the basic tools; however, gaps between the basic and advanced solutions continue to be a challenge.
  • Agron discusses how Oxeye’s cloud-native application security testing platform works and the value it brings to developers and DevOps teams.
  • Agron talks through some key use cases Oxeye sees in the enterprise phase and how Oxeye’s solutions are working for these customers.
  • Although Oxeye’s new platform aims to tackle some of the security challenges enterprises face nowadays, there are still areas that the company sees as core challenges. The combination of application layer vulnerabilities with infrastructure configuration continues to be an area Oxeye’s research team is focusing their attention on. Agron discusses the complexities of this challenge in further detail in this video.

Connect with Dean Agron (LinkedIn, Twitter)

The summary of the show is written by Emily Nicholls.

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