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Pixie: No-Instrumentation Observability System For Kubernetes


Developers and Operators waste too much of their precious time in collecting logs and data they need to patch things or improve software, instead of actually improving their software. Ishan Mukherjee co-created Pixie to provide developers and operators with all the data that they need, without doing any instrumentation so they can focus on improving and securing their software without having to worry about collecting metrics. “Pixie is a no-instrumentation observability system for Kubernetes,” said Mukherjee.

In this episode of TFiR Let’s Talk, Mukherjee joined us to talk not only about Pixie but the evolution of ‘observability’ space in the cloud-native world. We also discussed the open sourcing of Pixie at New Relic and how it is being integrated with New Relic to help users consume it more efficiently.

Guest: Ishan Mukherjee (Twitter, LinkedIn )
Featured Company: New Relic
Show: Let’s Talk
Topics: Observability, Cloud Native, Kubernetes

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