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PlanetScale Boost Helps Improve Query Performance By Up To 1000X


PlanetScale, the serverless MySQL database built atop Vitess, has announced PlanetScale Boost. According to the company, the new product improves query performance by up to 1000X and eliminates the need for external database caching. Developed at PlanetScale in less than six months, Boost adds to the competitive advantage that customers have when they build on top of PlanetScale, eliminating weeks of infrastructure and custom application work.

Boost, which leverages VStream technology from Vitess, is accessed easily from PlanetScale Insights in the web UI, providing an easy flow for picking and choosing the most important queries that need to execute faster. Selected queries are automatically accelerated behind the scenes until they are deselected.

According to the company, it eliminates days or weeks of engineering time often spent working to accelerate slow web pages for mission critical applications, replacing them with a simple click of a tab in the PlanetScale UI. It also eliminates the endless hours of custom coding required to implement and maintain traditional caches, providing a one-click solution without the need to change a single line of code.

Priced on a per-query basis with costs similar to the traditional caches it replaces, Boost gives engineering teams increased flexibility and the ability to focus on building their businesses faster.

For more information, or to sign up for the limited beta, click here.

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