Platform9 has announced new capabilities for its Freedom, Growth and Enterprise managed Kubernetes solutions.

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New features include what the company claims to be the industry’s first managed Calico networking with API access, an application wizard for automated deployment of bare metal Kubernetes clusters, and enhanced cluster monitoring and observability for better insights into all aspects of cluster behavior.

All of these features are now available, including support for Kubernetes release 1.17, for all Platform9 customers of the Freedom, Growth and Enterprise plans.

With Calico CNI enhanced cluster configuration, Platform9 customers can experience a simplified customer interface. Businesses with latency-sensitive applications and globally distributed clusters can benefit from Calico in multiple configurations and environments, including BGP.

Development teams containerizing applications can now use the full list of available and popular CSI Drivers, including VMware and Pure Storage.

“Our latest platform release provides an even more efficient and streamlined SaaS managed Kubernetes experience for container application management with no operational burden,” said Madhura Maskasky, Platform9 co-founder and VP of Product. “Significant additions in this release continue to transform Kubernetes environments through a managed platform that offers ease-of-use, elimination of operational complexity, and infrastructure flexibility.”

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