Platform9 launches open source Kubernetes tools


SaaS-managed hybrid cloud company Platform9 has launched Klusterkit – a set of three open source Kubernetes tools. With these tools, organizations can deploy and operate production-grade Kubernetes clusters in air-gapped, on-premises environments.

The three tools – etcdadm, nodeadm and cctl – could be used independently or in tandem:

Adopted by Kubernetes Cluster Lifecycle SIG, etcdadm is a kubeadm-like command-line interface (CLI) that simplifies the operation of etcd clusters.

nodeadm is a command-line interface node administration tool to complement kubeadm by deploying the dependencies that kubeadm requires, such as the kubelet binary. With this tool, it is easy to deploy a Kubernetes control plane or nodes on any machine running Linux.

cctl is a cluster lifecycle management tool based on the Kubernetes community’s Cluster API spec. It makes use of nodeadm and etcdadm to manage Kubernetes clusters on bare metal, on-premises, air-gapped environments.

The company plans to continue enhancing the rest of Klusterkit for Kubernetes users everywhere.

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