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Polaris 4.0 Includes Support For All Kubernetes Resources


Fairwinds has announced Polaris 4.0, the latest release of its open source project for validating and enforcing Kubernetes deployments. With 4.0, Polaris users can support any kind of Kubernetes resource, making the project more valuable across their Kubernetes lifecycle.

For example, this will allow users to ensure a Kubernetes horizontal pod autoscaler (HPA) and pod distribution budget (PDB) are attached to a given resource — the two checks most frequently requested by the open source community.

Specific updates to Polaris 4.0 include: support for all Kubernetes resource types, including Ingress, Service, and ClusterRole; the ability to reference object metadata inside custom checks; and the ability to cross-check related resources, e.g., to make sure every deployment has an HPA.

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Polaris has more than 10,000 users spanning all industries.

Users interested in managing Polaris across a fleet of clusters, collaborating across teams or tracking findings over time can look to Fairwinds Insights, the company’s platform for continuous Kubernetes security monitoring and governance.

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