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Portainer Business Edition Adds Business-Critical Features To Container Management Platform


New Zealand-based has launched Portainer Business, which adds business-critical features to its container management platform.

Portainer Business is built on top of’s open source platform, which simplifies container management and orchestration without compromising functionality.

Portainer Business serves the CIO and CISO community by offering the enhanced control and security needed to run Portainer in corporate Kubernetes, Docker, and Edge environments. The new product also incorporates the pre-release testing and support business users need for an annual license fee.

Growing to 500,000 open source users in two years, is anticipating rapid uptake of its business offering, particularly given the recent introduction of support for Kubernetes.

Portainer Business is launching with more than 800 users already onboard and a backlog of 250 self-identified early adopters waiting to get their hands on its software.

Earlier in the year, attracted an initial seed funding round of $1.2 million to fast-track its growth plans. The company is looking to convert its open source success into global revenue generation.

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