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Portshift Shows Service Mesh-Enabled Security At KubeCon 2019


At KubeCon 2019, Portshift said it is exhibiting service mesh-enabled security. It will feature the company’s identity-based workload protection platform for containers and microservices.

The Portshift identity-based cloud-native workload protection platform now uses Istio Service Mesh to provide runtime security for Kubernetes clusters and the associated ecosystem. Portshift runtime security is an intuitive and centralized way to govern Kubernetes microservices, both internal services within the Kubernetes cluster or between clusters, the company said. With Portshift, the administrator creates a simple security policy that encrypts communications with a single click.

Expanding on the topic of Kubernetes security, Portshift’s VP of Product Management, Ariel Shuper, is hosting a presentation on November 20th on the K8s serverless threat landscape, which differs from container security.

In his discussion, Shuper will be providing specific examples, such as how coding mistakes can expose applications despite the extremely ephemeral workloads. The talk will show how combining preventative methods with more offensive methods such as tripwires can provide much better visibility and reduce the risk of Knative workloads being used as attack vehicles.

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