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Post Docker’s Acquisition, Customers Are Accelerating Container And K8s Adoption: Mirantis


In the two years since Mirantis acquired Docker’s Enterprise Platform business, the company has taken Docker (one of the original container platforms) into the Kubernetes world, helping accelerate container adoption even as the company has doubled down on its open source commitment.

Customer satisfaction has also soared in those two years, as Mirantis integrated Docker Enterprise into its Kubernetes platform. In addition, nearly 100 new customers chose the Mirantis container technology to support their digital transformation initiatives.

In November 2019, Mirantis acquired the Docker Universal Control Plane, Docker Trusted Registry, and Docker Enterprise – Engine. These products have since been renamed Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, Mirantis Secure Registry, and the Mirantis Container Runtime, respectively. Since the acquisition, Mirantis has built and expanded upon the Docker technology, with multiple major releases. The company has also released Mirantis Container Cloud, which builds on the former Docker Enterprise products, as well as Mirantis Flow, which provides data center-as-a-service, and the containerized Mirantis OpenStack, which runs on Mirantis Kubernetes Engine.

In addition, Mirantis has also committed to supporting Docker Swarm and has developed and released new Swarm features such as the upcoming Swarm CSI, and will soon release a Kubernetes version of Mirantis Secure Registry (formerly Docker Secure Registry), tying Docker technology even more tightly to Kubernetes without abandoning the original Swarm architecture.

Soon after the Docker agreement, Mirantis doubled down on its long-standing commitment to open source, acquiring Kontena – the company behind Lens – the Kubernetes IDE (Integrated Development Environment) open source and developers of k0s. Technology from Kontena has been integrated into Mirantis Kubernetes Engine and Mirantis Container Runtime.

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