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Powered By Argo, Codefresh Software Delivery Platform Offers Multi-Cluster Scalability


Codefresh has announced the launch of its Codefresh Software Delivery Platform (CSDP), powered by Argo. CSDP provides packaged, managed, enterprise-class solution, and support for multi-cluster deployments. It integrates with all of the tools you’re already using—whether it’s your source control manager, testing suite, package manager, secret manager, security scanner, cloud platform, or even custom internal tools.

According to the company, CSDP takes GitOps to the next level and provides detailed deployment insights and analytics across environments and deployments – all via a centralized UI. Advanced deployments like canary and blue-green will ensure your software delivery process is not the blocker for innovation.

Among many other benefits, pipeline speed optimizations are built in for considerably faster Argo workflows, image deployments are fully traceable, steps are executable at the pod-level for flexible resource sharing, and versioning is centrally managed for fast and easy auditing of software delivery processes.

CSDP is optimized to complement customers’ security and operations (SecOps) protocols, and directs all communication to/from clusters via protected firewall connections with no need for ad hoc security permissions. Single sign-on (SSO) is established automatically across provisioning instances, for improved role-based access controls.

Codefresh Software Delivery Platform is now available at

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