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Project OpenBytes Aims To Make Open Data More Accessible To All


The Linux Foundation has announced the new Project OpenBytes spearheaded by Graviti. Project OpenBytes is dedicated to making open data more available and accessible through the creation of data standards and formats.

Edward Cui is the founder of Graviti and a former machine learning expert within Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group.

Project OpenBytes will also create a standard format of data published, shared, and exchanged on its open platform. A unified format will help data contributors and consumers easily find the relevant data they need and make collaboration easier. These OpenBytes functions will make high-quality data more available and accessible, which is significantly valuable to the whole AI community and will save a large amount of monetary and labor resources on repetitive data collecting.

“Project OpenBytes and community will benefit all AI developers, both academic and professional and at both large and small enterprises, by enabling access to more high-quality open datasets and making AI deployment faster and easier,” said Mike Dolan, general manager and senior vice president of Projects at the Linux Foundation.

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