Proofpoint Launches Cloud-Native Information Protection And Cloud Security Platform


Proofpoint has announced multiple people-centric advancements across its three platforms: Threat Protection, Compliance, and the new Information Protection and Cloud Security.

Proofpoint’s Information Protection and Cloud Security Platform combines enterprise data loss prevention (DLP), insider threat management, cloud app security broker (CASB), zero trust network access, remote browser isolation, and a cloud native web security solution. The cloud-native solution is now available.

Proofpoint Web Security: Available starting at Protect 2021, this is Proofpoint’s new cloud native security solution that provides controls and isolation when end users are accessing the web.

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Managed Transition Services: Available now following the Intelisecure integration, this new service provides organizations with a trusted partner, with deep experience in migration and decommissioning, as they replace their legacy DLP products with new people-centric innovations.

Proofpoint Threat Protection Platform’s Advanced BEC Defense, Powered by Supernova: Available now, Proofpoint’s Advanced BEC Defense focuses on stopping attempted business email compromise (BEC) scams. This capability is powered by a completely new detection platform called Supernova.

Feature-rich Proofpoint Threat Protection platform packages: Available now at three levels of functionality, Proofpoint’s Threat Protection platform provides people-centric protection against email and cloud threats, including ransomware, credential phishing, BEC, and more.

Security Awareness Training CISO Dashboard: Available in early Q3 2021, Proofpoint’s new dashboard will provide CISOs with visibility into program performance and peer industry comparisons to positively affect people-centric change.

NexusAI for Compliance: Announced in May 2021, Proofpoint NexusAI for Compliance uses machine learning innovation to solve compliance-related challenges and quickly identifies compliance violations to save both time and material costs.

Proofpoint Content Capture Digest-based Data Collection and Storage: Available in early Q3 2021, Proofpoint’s Content Capture solution will feature enhanced digest-based data collection and digest-based storage and review in the Proofpoint Enterprise Archive.

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