Exclusive Interview with Linus Torvalds, Guest Appearance by Greg Kroah-Hartman


The topics that we covered in this interview include, but not limited to: Linux Security. Does he still care about desktop Linux? What is the kernel community doing about diversity? What does he think of competing projects like Zypher which are not GNU GPLed. How sustainable is Linus without him? Does he ever burn out? How does he cope up with the stress? How does he deal with unnecessary controversy created by attention-hungry trolls on LKML? What are the concerns Linus has over the future of Linux? What does he think of Microsoft’s Sphere OS. What does he think of Kubernetes being called Linux of the cloud? What is his approach to online privacy? What does he think of current political landscape in the US? I threw some questions at Greg also – how does he feel when Linus exposed on the LKML

There is much more than that…watch the full interview on Patreon.

Here is a teaser:

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