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Pulumi Crosswalk For Kubernetes Now Available


Pulumi Crosswalk for Kubernetes is now available. For the uninitiated, it is an open source collection of frameworks, tools and user guides that help developers and operators work better together delivering production workloads using Kubernetes.

It supports managing Kubernetes infrastructure across public clouds including AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Google Cloud Platform Kubernetes Engine (GKE), in addition to application delivery to those environments using built-in best practices.

According to the company, Pulumi Crosswalk for Kubernetes extends Pulumi’s core infrastructure as code capabilities by providing support for production Kubernetes architectures.

Pulumi Crosswalk for Kubernetes is open source and available on GitHub. Pulumi also offers premium editions for enterprises wanting advanced policies and controls, including integrating deployments with identity providers such as Azure ActiveDirectory, Okta and GitLab. It allows users to enforce security and compliance requirements, self-host on-premises or in their own cloud accounts and implement advanced automation with webhooks, among other features.

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