Pulumi Registry Helps Developers To Apply ‘Share And Reuse’ Software Principles To Modern Cloud


Pulumi has announced the release of a public Registry that enables developers and infrastructure teams to apply “share and reuse” software principles to the modern cloud. Through this developer-first approach, Pulumi now brings the full benefits of a software supply chain to cloud software.

Pulumi’s Cloud Engineering Platform provides a complete solution for building, deploying, and managing modern applications on any cloud using software engineering best practices and industry standard languages. By supporting popular software ecosystems like TypeScript/JavaScript, Python, Go and .NET, and software package managers (e.g., npm, NuGet, Python packages, Go modules), Pulumi Packages provide modern cloud reference architectures in the form of SDKs, code samples, and how-to guides.

With Pulumi Registry, infrastructure teams can use cloud and SaaS integrations to build components representing cloud architectures. These components can be reused or modified by application developers to increase their development speed. For example, infrastructure teams can make it easier for developers to deploy Kubernetes on AWS by building a component that configures availability zones, security groups, access roles, and auto-scaling, with the right number of resources to fit the needs of the application.

The Pulumi Registry is a growing collection of Pulumi-built and community-contributed packages. At launch, the Registry contains: Pulumi Native Provider Packages with the most complete resource coverage of AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes, including same-day support for new cloud features and services along with 60+ Pulumi Provider Packages for deploying resources with cloud and SaaS providers including providers for Auth0, CloudFlare, Confluent Cloud, Datadog, DigitalOcean, Docker, GitHub, Kong, MinIO, MongoDB Atlas, PagerDuty, Snowflake, Spot by NetApp, and many more.

The Registry also contains Pulumi Component Packages for deploying production-ready applications using architectures such as containers or Kubernetes, serverless, databases, and networking.

The Pulumi Registry is now available.

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