Puppet Strengthens Self-Service Automation


Puppet has announced the Puppet Enterprise Platform which integrates Puppet Enterprise with the recently introduced event-driven automation platform, Relay by Puppet.

The company also announced Puppet Connect, a stand-alone solution which will connect people and teams through a self-service user interface to run agentless tasks and orchestration to deliver and operate cloud and on-premises applications.

The Puppet Enterprise Platform provides all three styles of automation: task-driven orchestration, model-driven infrastructure as code and API event-driven workflow in a single platform.

It offers extensibility through thousands of pre-built automation modules and hundreds of API integrations from the Puppet Forge.

Arriving in early 2021, Puppet Connect is based on the Bolt engine. It empowers Cloud, Application and Platform teams to codify and scale their unique automation expertise by publishing and sharing content for self-service use by others within their organization.

This offers beneficiaries of shared content a safe, simple and easy way to run expert-built automation on their own.