Rackspace Announces Enhanced Full-Lifecycle CND Capabilities To Help Customers Build Modern Applications


Rackspace Technology has announced enhanced full-lifecycle Cloud Native Development (CND) Professional Services capabilities to the Rackspace Technology portfolio that help customers build modern applications.

The enhanced full-lifecycle CND capabilities help customers develop modern applications that take advantage of cloud-native technologies and microservices architectures.

Rackspace Technology said it delivers CND capabilities by leveraging reusable patterns and defined best practices from two decades of expertise across various industries from healthcare and life sciences to transportation and logistics, that are driving cloud native adoption. In addition, with specialization in .NET to .NET Core, cloud native SaaS platforms and a framework for monolith to microservices decomposition, Rackspace Technology accelerates customers’ modern application adoption.

Rackspace Technology developed new paths to help customers on their journey to cloud native through services that range from assessment and advisory to enablement and modernization at scale. Ultimately, the outcome for customers is to have a selection of services based on their readiness to adopt, so they plan their modernization roadmap with confidence.

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