Rafay Adds Automation And Monitoring Enhancements To Its Kubernetes Management Cloud


Rafay Systems has announced a set of fleet automation and monitoring enhancements to its Kubernetes Management Cloud (KMC). These enhancements expand the scope and scale of Kubernetes (K8s) deployments across global enterprise environments, and include dashboards for global visibility of clusters spanning multiple operating environments, single-click upgrades for Amazon EKS and upstream Kubernetes clusters, and overrides for workloads and blueprints for multi-cluster deployments.

DevOps organizations can’t manage what they can’t see. Rafay’s enterprise-wide dashboards ensure reliable operations with a single, organization-wide view of resources consumed, user and access activity, critical alerts, and the overall health of every Kubernetes cluster deployed across all environments.

Each internal team is also provided a dashboard that helps them visualize sub-fleets tied to Rafay’s existing native RBAC support. Visibility spans across any environment, including on-premises and public cloud environments such as AWS, Azure, GCP and OCI.

With Rafay KMC, administrators gain in-place, 1-click upgrade workflows for Amazon EKS environments. Fine-grained controls enable admins to upgrade EKS control planes, worker node groups, and critical cluster add-ons (core-dns, kube-proxy and aws-node), as well as the worker node AMIs in a controlled, phased manner.

Traditionally manual and error-prone steps such as pre- and post-upgrade checks are automatically performed to detect and report any known issues. A detailed upgrade history is automatically maintained for auditability.

The new features in Rafay KMC are now available.

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