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Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+ Is Here At $25


The successor to the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 is here and it promises “over ten times the ARM performance, twice the RAM capacity, and up to eight times the Flash capacity of the original Compute Module.”

With a $25 price tag, the fresh Raspberry Pi comes in four variations; a ‘Lite’ model with no built-in storage, and models with 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB of eMMC Flash storage (the latter to cost $40).

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+ comes equipped with Broadcom’s 64-bit BCM2837B0 application processor to deliver more performance. It also features improved thermal performance. Being a new product, it will require a recent version of the Raspberry Pi firmware (and operating system such as Raspbian) to operate correctly.

Although an upgrade on its predecessor, the Pi Compute Module 3+ is also “the last in a line of 40nm-based Raspberry Pi products. We feel that it’s a fitting end to the line, rolling in the best bits of Raspberry Pi 3B+ and providing users with more design flexibility in an all‑round better product. We hope you enjoy it,” the Raspberry Pi Foundation said.

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