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Red Hat Delivers Petabyte-Scale Object Storage For Cloud-Native Workloads

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Red Hat Ceph Storage 4 is now generally available. Based on the Nautilus version of the Ceph open source project, Red Hat Ceph Storage 4 delivers simplified, petabyte-scale object storage for cloud-native development and data analytics.

With enhanced scalability and simplified operational features, Red Hat Ceph Storage 4 helps enable organizations across a wide variety of industries.

Besides a simplified installer experience, the latest version features integrated bucket notifications to support Kubernetes-native serverless architectures, which enable automated data pipelines.

Enabling organizations to deploy petabyte-scale Amazon Simplified Storage Service (S3) compatible object storage, Red Hat Ceph Storage delivers performance at scale while maintaining cloud economics. In recent internal testing of its enhanced performance capabilities, the latest version of Red Hat Ceph Storage delivered over a two-time performance boost for write intensive workloads.

With increased automation of data management and data placement activities, Red Hat Ceph Storage 4 is said to help infrastructure teams evolve from storage-centric to service-centric operational models, to serve a larger cross-section of applications and stakeholders.

Red Hat Ceph Storage 4 is optimized for organizations’ need to store and manage the rapidly growing volumes of data being generated by emerging workloads, without requiring additional operations staff to do so.

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