Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 promises one enterprise Linux experience


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 is now available. For any workload running on any environment, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 is said to deliver one enterprise Linux experience to meet the technology needs of evolving enterprises.

Redesigned for the hybrid cloud era, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 is built to support the workloads and operations that stretch from enterprise datacenters to multiple public clouds.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 introduces Application Streams – fast-moving languages, frameworks and developer tools are updated frequently in this stream without impacting the core resources that have made Red Hat Enterprise Linux an enterprise benchmark. This melds faster developer innovation with production stability in a single, enterprise-class operating system, Red Hat said.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 also includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux System Roles, which automate many of the more complex tasks around managing and configuring Linux in production.

Additionally, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 supports the OpenSSL 1.1.1 and TLS 1.3 cryptographic standards.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 is also broadly supported as a guest operating system on Red Hat hybrid cloud infrastructure, including Red Hat OpenShift 4, Red Hat OpenStack Platform 15 and Red Hat Virtualization 4.3.

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