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Red Hat Process Automation Supports Applied AI Approach For Predictive Decision Modeling


The latest release of Red Hat Process Automation is available now. For the initiated, Red Hat Process Automation is a set of products for automating business decisions and processes by enabling closer collaboration between IT and business teams.

With the latest release, Red Hat Process Automation now supports an applied AI approach to automated decisioning. This enables users to incorporate predictive analytics into their decision management applications to create intelligent, automated systems that help them better interpret and respond to changing market dynamics.

Now customers can also benefit from importing and executing predictive models expressed in Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML), an industry standard for integrating and exchanging information between machine learning (ML) platforms where the predictive models are created and trained, and decision management applications that use such models to automate rules for specific business outcomes.

By incorporating predictive capabilities within a Decision Model and Notation (DMN) decision model, users can not only analyze and act on data in an automated way, but also gain greater visibility into how an automated system reached a given conclusion.

Red Hat also added that Level two Operators simplify the deployment and management of Red Hat Process Automation on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform by providing automated lifecycle management capabilities for installation, minor version upgrades and patches.

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