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Red Hat Teams Up With Intuit On Argo Project


Red Hat and Intuit have joined forces on Argo CD, a declarative continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes deployments.

Red Hat will work with Intuit and other community members to expand the Argo project to encompass a broader range of corporate and individual contributors. The company said it will also contribute development resources and leadership in building open source ecosystems and expanding projects into industry standards, evidenced by its work in the Linux kernel, Kubernetes, Fedora, the CNCF and more.

Argo CD makes it easier to manage configurations, definitions and environments for both Kubernetes itself and the applications it hosts using Git as the source of truth.

Argo CD, open sourced by Intuit in January 2018, is also an incubation-level project within the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and is currently deployed in production by many companies including Electronic Arts, Major League Baseball, Tesla, and Ticketmaster.

Red Hat and Intuit will also look to bring Argo into the OpenShift ecosystem, where it is already a popular community-supported extension.

The collaboration will help to smooth the path to an enterprise-supported solution based on Argo and GitOps principles for OpenShift.

Red Hat will also expand the multi-cluster management capabilities in Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes in order to integrate with Argo. This will help to further strengthen OpenShift’s configuration management and policy management capabilities across all Kubernetes infrastructure, on-premises and in public clouds.

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