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Red Kubes Making It Easy To Use Kubernetes


Red Kubes, the creator of the Otomi Container Platform, which turns any Kubernetes cluster in any cloud into a real container platform, recently announced the Open Source Otomi Container Platform and $1.45M USD Seed Funding. We sat down with Sander Rodenhuis, Co-Founder and CEO of Red Kubes to talk about the company, the platform, and the seed funding.

“We’re trying to deliver a turnkey solution that can be deployed on any Kubernetes cluster, be it on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. It’s like an add-on for Kubernetes which helps users get everything up and running out of the box,” – Rodenhuis.

Here are some of the topics that we covered in this interview:

  • What is the history of Red Kubes and the Otomi Container Platform?
  • Cloud Native & Kubernetes is a crowded space, so what exact problem is Otomi trying to solve?
  • As Red Kubes works directly with customers and comes from a consultancy background, what are some of the most pressing problems customers face?
  • How does Red Kubes differentiates itself from other players in the crowded cloud native space?
  • Let’s talk about the open source project side and the product side of Red Kubes.
  • Let’s talk about investment, seed funding, where does Red Kubes plan to invest that money?
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