Rhode Island To Launch New Career Portal Powered By Google Cloud


Google Cloud has teamed up with the state of Rhode Island for a new career portal called the Virtual Career Center.

The Virtual Career Center will connect Rhode Islanders to career services on an easy to navigate online platform developed on Google Cloud and in partnership with Research Improving People’s Lives (RIPL).

This agreement brings together Rhode Island government, technology leaders, and top research scientists to launch Rhode Island’s economic recovery, and harness the power of AI and ML to connect the state’s workforce with pathways to new careers.

Rhode Island will become the first state in the country to innovate with AI / ML and cloud technology to help Rhode Islanders get back to work.

As part of the Virtual Career Center, RIPL and Rhode Island are developing Career Matching Bot, which will use data to connect Rhode Island workers with new and successful career paths and effective reskilling opportunities.

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