Richard M. Stallman: How to make America Great Again


In April 2018, I traveled to Boston, the hometown of Richard M. Stallman for a long overdue video interview. We sat down for a one and a half hour long interview that was recorded on a multi-cam set-up. The last time I met Richard was in 2012 when he stayed with us in Brussels. There was a lot of catching up to do.

We discussed a wide range of topics all the way from the Edward Snowden revelations to Microsoft Azure OS, which will be running on the Linux kernel. As usual, it was a very energetic and thought-provoking interview.

I have published the interview on Patreon. Please join me on my Patreon page to enjoy the entire interview.

If you need, I will also offer a downsampled copy of the interview. The original interview was shot on 4K, so the file size of the edited interview is over 22GB. I can offer a compressed file with a smaller file size.

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Here is a teaser:

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