Rockset Introduces New MySQL, PostgreSQL Integrations

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Rockset has announced new integrations for MySQL and PostgreSQL. With these integrations, developers can run sub-second, high-concurrency analytics on data from MySQL and PostgreSQL, in real time.

With Rockset’s new MySQL and PostgreSQL integrations, developers can rely on their favorite relational databases for online transaction processing (OLTP), while using Rockset to power real-time analytics at cloud scale.

This reduces the load on the primary OLTP database, because Rockset handles the heavy analytical queries that would otherwise add significant cost and risk to the primary database.

Through the power of Rockset, developers using MySQL and PostgreSQL can: • Run sub-second analytical queries including JOINS with other databases, lakes, or event streams. • Achieve better database performance by isolating analytical queries on Rockset, which in turn scales horizontally in the cloud. • Power fast microservices using developer SDKs or deliver real-time reporting using one of Rockset’s integrations with visualization tools including Tableau, Retool, Redash, and Superset.

Built by the creators of RocksDB, Rockset automatically builds a Converged Index on any data — including structured, semi-structured, geographical, and time series data — for high-performance search and analytics at scale.

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