Role Of SLOs In Technical Debt And Talent Retention | Kit Merker


Guest: Kit Merker (LinkedIn)
Company: Nobl9 (Twitter)
Show: 2022 Prediction Series

Kit Merker, Chief Operating Officer at Nobl9, predicts that SLOs, or service level objectives, will cause a major rethink on how technical debt is approached. “SLOs and technical debt actually go hand in hand. We’ve built some capabilities in our product to help solve this problem because right now, tech debt is seen, I think, as a punishment for engineering teams or something that maybe is crying wolf. We need to fix it. We don’t spend time on it,” explains Merker.

He also believes that “it’s going to be a lot harder to retain and recruit engineers and developers if you don’t handle your software reliability well.” Check out his video above to know more.

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